In the morning, in order to give my mother

In the morning, in order to give my mother a surprise, I took the initiative to help my mother to dry clothes and change sheets. At lunch time, I went into the kitchen and saw the mother who was cooking. I said, "Mom, I will help you pick the vegetables." Mom said with relief: "Well, baby finally grows up and can help her mother." "I went to the side and said, "Mom, I have grown up. I will help you often." Our mother and daughter cook together in the kitchen and enjoy the happy air. After lunch, we went to take a nap together.After getting up in the afternoon, my mother and I came to the yard and played badminton Carton Of Newports. Badminton flies in the air, just like the mother's love for me, is constantly passed to my heart, and like my love for my mother, is constantly passed to her heart. In the sunshine Marlboro Gold Pack, our love seems so shining. Our mother and daughter play badminton together, not only the joy of play Marlboro Cigarettes Online, but also the happiness.In the evening, I specially bought a chocolate cake to celebrate Mother's Day. At dinner, my toast with my mother, we chatted while eating. After dinner, we sat in the living room, turned on the TV, and watched the humorous video program. Some hearty laughter came out from time to time in the room. Tens of lights are on fire, I think every household should be on Mother's Day, and the mother under the whole world should be very happy and happy now.Maternal love is the beacon of trekking, guiding me in the direction of advancement; maternal love is the winter sunshine, warming the heart of the child; maternal love is the guardian of due diligence, protecting my young life; maternal love is the drizzle of spring, nourishing my dryness The soul; maternal love is the golden of autumn, showing the joy of harvest.Today is the last self-study class before the final exam. Some of the classmates are shaking their heads to recite the texts, some listen to key words at the same table, and some students are writing ancient poems Newport Cigarettes Coupons... All the students seem to be more serious than usual.I am also focused on preparing for the exam tomorrow, and I am in a very good mood. Because the same table Li Fang this mischievous tomboy was injured by a motorcycle on the way home a few days ago, has been living in the hospital. We went to the hospital yesterday to visit her, and the straps in the right hand were still thick. Listening to her own telling us that the bones are broken for 6 months, and the right hand can't hold books for at least half a year.We moved Li Fang's textbooks on the bed and stayed with her for nearly half an hour in the hospital. The injured Li Fang did not seem to have the enthusiasm of the past, seeing the fruits we brought and the gifts from the boys, some shy, tears in their eyes. She even asked some of the contents of our books Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online, and we patiently answered her questions. When we left the hospital, she was grateful and reluctant to give up with us, and watched our figure disappear into her sight before returning to the room.Looking at the empty position around me, I was secretly happy. This time Li Fang can't take the final exam, and the average score of our class can be increased by more than 1 point. If he can't take the exam last year, we are already a math champion of the year... I am thinking about it.
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