When can we buy discount Balenciaga Triple S 2.0 Dad Sneaker ?

Last year, the top fashion brand Balenciaga launched the Triple S as one of the most representative shoes in the old-fashioned shoes. It has been sought after by fashion lovers all over the world, and this series has ushered in the new Balenciaga Triple S 2.0 this year. Bring two color combinations. The shoes are almost completely designed with the 1.0 version of the heavy midsole design. The biggest change is the upper, using suede with nylon, eliminating the shoe size at the toe, and adding a new logo embellishment to keep the vintage look. At the same time it looks more simple!

In addition to Yung-1 and the Falcon that has just been exposed, the adidas family's old-fashioned shoes are also on the offensive! The adidas Temper Run in front of you also has to be released this year, the new vintage shoes, the highly recognizable adidas. As early as last year, it was exposed by many stars, and the long-established retro old shoes adidas Yung-1 will finally be released this month! Suede and fabric fabrics create a rich layer of shoes, complex and exaggerated contour lines, and a thick, soleial sole with a sense of history to create a rich retro atmosphere! The overall look is quite similar to the Yeezy 700, but the price is more affordable.

After many previous exposures, the adidas Originals by mastermind WORLD co-branded series, which has a high degree of attention, is now officially released and has confirmed the release date! This joint shoe pair brings EQT Ultra Support and adidas EQT 93/17 Boost shoes, respectively. Among them, 93/17 is the first to use Mid mid-shoes, with black and blue as the main tone, the iconic The skull pattern is still blessed. In addition, the two sides also bring a series of clothing items and trousers, the recognition is extremely high, really looking forward to!

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